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If you are visiting our website, you must already be interested in Kimonos for some reason or another. That makes the two of us.

Kimonos have a unique ability to intrigue us with traditional colours and patterns, which date back centuries; with seemingly infinite combinations of designs; and with a sheer beauty and satisfaction we get from gazing at them.

I originally started collecting Kimonos as a small passion project solely for my own interest back in Japan, but my small collection has since grown into something far beyond what I’d dreamed of. From antique to vintage to modern, I handpicked each and every kimono from travels throughout Japan.

While many people know about Kimonos, nowadays there are fewer and fewer people who understand the culture of Kimonos. Even worse, there are fewer craftsmen creating them. Given these challenges, it would be hard for someone who is interested in wearing Kimonos properly to know where to start. 

My love for the history, tradition, and wearing of Kimonos drove me to help people surmount these challenges. I want to help people to get to know Kimonos again, which is what inspired me to start “Kimono Marie”. I want people to feel comfortable learning about kimonos, understanding the beauty of Kimonos, and most importantly, wearing Kimonos. Anyone - regardless of ethnicity or background - who is interested is welcomed with open arms.

Whether you are interested in learning about the history and craftsmanship, or in fashion and fun of Kimonos, there are plenty of ways to enjoy them. Our photo gallery is full of examples of different ways you can style. Once you pick your choice of Kimono, let’s play together with Obi and accessories to make it an outfit of your very own. 

So, what kind of Kimono do you want to try? Furisode, Hakama, Komon, or Yukata …? Let’s find what speaks to you at Kimono Marie.

About Kimono Marie: 私たちについて
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